PostTrack allows you to know,
Whether Gmail email was read

  • When and how many times did your email been read

  • Whether link in your email was clicked or not

  • When and how many times link in your email was clicked


If you wish to track when email opens, then the PostTrack is your choice!

The PostTrack is an extension for browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, that allows to track status of your emails in Gmail. Once your email is delivered and being opened by recipient, you will receive an email-notification about it was read, and also a push-notification about it on your desktop.

You can use for free full functionality of the extension, which includes:

  • displaying status of your email and updating it when opened;
  • gathering and displaying your email openings statistics, that includes information about who, when and how many times did read your email;
  • analyzing statistics about your email openings and displaying this statistics in a convenient form in the powerful CRM-system named PostTrack Office;
  • tracking links inside your emails, gathering and analyzing statistics about time and count of clicks on links inside your emails;
  • email-notification about reading of your email and push-notification on your desktop about it.

PostTrack currently working correcly:
  • with mail service Gmail; we are planning to add a support of such popular services as, Yandex Mail and soon;
  • with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers; there will be implemented a support of Opera and Yandex Browser very soon;
  • on all desktop PCs and laptops (if you have a compatible browser).

All you need to start track emails in Gmail is to install the PostTrack and sign in with your Gmail account. The rest work we will do for you. Remember: we are not reading and not storing your emails - your conversations are still private.